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What if lighting hardware could fit INSIDE a light bulb? 
It’s now possible. 
Luminaire hardware, like all thread lamp pipe, can pass-straight-through a new type of lamp. 

The infinitely configurable LED monocoil, SpiraLamp™ provides omnidirectional illumination within challenging architectural lighting designs by wrapping around other luminaire components.

SpiraLamp is a patented, new type of spiral lightbulb combining low voltage LED strip lights with a flexible monocoil – a flat strip wound like a spring.

SpiraLamp’s helical shape can be used alone or can be wrapped around other components such as: 

  • linear objects like suspension cable, lamp pipe or threaded rod, or 
  • curvilinear shapes like an empty lampshade ring perimeter or a free form shaped aluminum rod, etc.


Instead of a lightbulb (lamp) shape described by letters, numbers, or lengths, SpiraLamp’s overall “lamp shape” is defined by your design requirements of an infinitely configurable LED monocoil.

Suspension Cable Architectural Lighting 
Residential stairwell luminaire by Rock Cottage Glassworks

   SpiraLamp wrapped around suspension cable and four 12AWG conductors inserted within artisan blown glass having openings as small as 25mm

   Stainless steel pipe and stainless steel braided sleeve coverings between glass

   LED 12Vdc, eight strand cables with line voltage dimmable Class 2 Diode LED OmniDrive2  driver 

   SpiraLamp™ output scaled to 3 sizes of glass: 900 lumens, 1800 lumens, & 3600 lumens 

Lamp Rod Architectural Lighting   
Residential dining room luminaire by Rock Cottage Glassworks

    SpiraLamp wrapped  around  all-thread lamp rod structurally suspending, supporting, steel Dogwood tree branch sculpture and glass flower petals

   Approx. 7′ x 3′ jointless MDF oval with stainless steel mirror

   LED 12Vdc, line voltage dimmable Class 2 Diode LED OmniDrive2 drivers

   16 SpiraLamps producing 900 lumens each, wrapping around lamp rod within 1.75″ ID white acrylic diffuser tubes

 SpiraLamp is protected by grant status US patents and has two primary components:

  • LED strip light:  SpiraLamp can be configured to your specific requirements using any LED strip light including UL Listed 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems from vendors such as Elemental LED – Diode LED, Environmental Lights, etc..  

We stock White LED strip with the following features

    • 12Vdc;  12mm wide with 4oz  Copper PCB; 5630 LED; 95 CRI, 3000K  or 5000K ;
    • produces 900 lumens for every three inches of one inch diameter coiled length consuming 6 Watts; and
    • configured into standard  increments of  900, 1350, and 1800 lumens at  6, 9, and 12 Watts respectively up to  twenty-four inches with 7200 lumens at 48 Watts
  • Monocoil:  SpiraLamp can be configured to your specific requirements using any spiralling sleeve materials such as plastics found in standard spiral cable wrap, custom molded clear or pigmented rubber compounds having phosphorescent, retroreflective, or thermally conductive microspheres, or common metals such as aluminum strap, etc.. 

We stock 0.50″ x .020″ Aluminum strap spun into any custom spiral diameters, typically half inch or one inch, to form an axial and radially flexible monocoil heatsink extending beyond the LED strip tape to position illumination within the luminaire.


Linear & Globe closed design

Too Much Structure:  A typical globe shaped lightbulb, fluorescent tubes, linear LED, and all other rigid closed lamps,  require luminaire components to go around the bulb  such as a lamp socket, or a harp and finial on a table lamp, or a reflective panel around a fluorescent tube.

Too Little Structure:   Lacking sufficient structure to maintain a particular shape on their own, all  LED strip – tape lights, rope lights, string lights etc. are dependent upon another object for structural shape.

SpiraLamp’s open spiral design

Sufficient Structure:   SpiraLamp is an axial and radially flexible monocoil able to maintain a desired shape on its own accord. 

Flexible Open Ends:   SpiraLamp’s generally  tubular shape has open ends and a longitudinal open center which allows for  sliding onto an accessible end  of another component.   

Flexible Open Helix:   SpiraLamp’s spiral shape provides repeating helical openings allowing for  rotatingly ‘feeding’ onto a midpoint of a component.

Configurable Form:   SpiraLamp’s overall “lamp shape” is an infinitely configurable LED monocoil.

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